Boost Your Honda’s Fuel Economy with These Tips

Honda Fuel Economy FloridaChoosing to drive a Honda around Florida will already put you on your way to getting truly impressive fuel efficiency. With the proper driving habits and maintenance, you can ensure that you get the best possible fuel economy on your particular model, whether it is a hybrid or even a pickup, like the Ridgeline. Following these tips will put you well on your way to reaching that goal.

Watch Your Speed and Acceleration

Perhaps the biggest thing you can do to improve your Honda’s fuel economy is to adjust how you drive it. You want to be wary of driving too quickly and of accelerating too sharply. Once you reach about 65 mph, going any faster will decrease your efficiency by as much as 15 percent. Considering you will only get there slightly quicker, and possibly break several speed limits doing so, it is well worth it to stay below 65 mph. Acceleration also plays a key role, as putting your Honda’s engine to the test will use much more fuel than slowly accelerating.

Pay Attention to Tires

Other than your general driving habits, your tires are the most important factor affecting your vehicle’s gas mileage. Whether your tires are overinflated or underinflated, you will notice a drop in mileage. After all, they are designed to work at a certain pressure that Honda or the tire manufacturer determined. Something as simple as checking your tire pressure once a month and adjusting it if necessary can give you a dramatic boost in efficiency. Other maintenance also plays a key role, particularly regular oil changes.

Drop Some Weight

Although not always the case, the vast majority of drivers are guilty of leaving things in their vehicles. Unfortunately, every extra pound your car carries around will reduce your efficiency. That means that if you keep your golf clubs, baseball equipment, or bowling ball in your trunk, consider changing your habits.

For more fuel efficiency tips or help keeping up with maintenance to boost your fuel economy, visit Hendrick Honda Bradenton in Bradenton, Florida.