Amazing Performances at the Manatee Performing Arts Center

Manatee Performing Arts Center Bradenton

The Manatee Performing Arts Center puts on some great shows. There are a number of talented performers that take the stage and there is something for every taste.

About the Manatee Performing Arts Center

There are different shows for different season. In the winter there are holiday themed shows. The shows are live and the actors put a lot of time and preparation before their performance. Some of the great performances coming up in 2017 include:

Manatee Performing Arts Center Bradenton

Dinner and a Show

There are special dates at the Manatee Theater where a person can enjoy a good dinner and a show. This comes as part of a package. A person will sit down and have the food served to them. While they are eating the show will begin. This will provide the entertainment for the day as well as some good food. There are specific dates when a person can attend the dinner and show combination and should check with the theater often to see when the next show date will be.

Educational Programs

This theater wants to support young performers. They have programs where young people can come and get a feel for the arts. They can watch the performers and learn something about the theater at the same time. There are even weekly camps where young people can attend to learn the arts.

There are a number of great shows that happen at the Manatee Performing Arts Center. This theater has some great performances and there are new shows that are featured here all of the time.