Things Your Child Should Know Before Kindergarten

Things Your Child Should Know Before Kindergarten

Knowing the requirements for your child to get into kindergarten can be daunting – especially if you are first time parent. However, you don’t have to feel anxiety if you are prepared. There are many learning and social factors that your child will need to know before kindergarten. Check out this list to get a jump start on your child’s school preparation.

Knowing How to Write Their Name

At this time they should be able to spell their first name as well as know all of the letters in their name. When writing their name or coloring, your child should already know how to hold the crayon or pen with three fingers. They should be able to state their first and last name when they are asked to.

Numbers and Counting

Your child should be able to count to at least thirty and be able to correctly answer what number comes after a certain other when asked. They should also be able to identify numbers 1-10 via flash cards or mixing them up with regular paper.

Shapes and Colors

Knowledge of basic shapes such as being able to identify a circle, square, diamond and star are required. Usually, in kindergarten, they will learn about the primary color wheel. They will learn which colors when mixed can create another color. So general color basics will need to be known before kindergarten. They should be able to recognize red, blue, yellow, brown, black, white, green, pink and orange.

Word Play & Associations

Your child should be able to put some sort of rhyme together. Example, if you say the word “man” they should create a familiar word back such as “fan.”

Social Skills

When it comes to social aspects, your child should be able to adjust their own clothing after going to the bathroom. They should also not have to be reminded when it comes to washing their hands after. This one may seem like the hardest, but Kindergarteners should be able to sit still for 5-10 minutes while listening to a story. The most important it the ability to listen and follow 2-3 step directions.

If your child is going to start school in the fall and you feel like this list seems a little stressful, don’t worry! You have all summer to have fun with coloring sheets and rhyming games to help get your little one ready for that first day of school! Do you need a vehicle to take your child back and forth to school? Find a quality, safe vehicle at Hendrick Honda Bradenton!