Getting Ready for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

With hurricane season coming up, it is important to stay prepared. A hurricane can batter across the coastline with heavy rain, forceful winds and even cause huge oceanic waves. Winds are often as strong at 75 miles per hour and can damage cars, street signs, power lines and even buildings.

The city of Bradenton is no stranger to the damage of hurricane can cause. As a resident of the area, it is important to be prepared well in advance of the season as a storm can hit at any time and cause instant flooding and power outages. Florida is prone to hurricanes and the season starts at the beginning of June and ends on the last day of November. The following guidelines can help you prepare a safety plan in case a hurricane hits your Florida community.

Make a Plan

Before doing anything else, you need to know what you and your family will do it if there is ever a hurricane. Write out the steps you will take to get to a safe area and where you will meet. Make sure you also include your pets in your plan.

Develop your evacuation route. Call your local red cross chapter or the Bradenton emergency management office to get a hurricane preparedness plan. This will outline the different shelters that are located nearest your area. Decide whether you will be staying in a shelter or with another family member or relative living in a non-evacuation zone. You can even choose a hotel or other location that is away from the hurricane hit area.

Decide on the family meeting place away from the hurricane zone, especially if they are outside of the home, at work or in another location.

Make Plans for Your Home

You can also prepare your home for the onset of a storm. Check to make sure you have flood insurance, especially in the event of a hurricane. Usually, standard homeowner’s policies do not cover flood damage for hurricanes, and there is usually a 30 to 60 day waiting period when you purchase new flood insurance.

Be sure to elevate the water pump or other outdoor equipment located on the ground or under the house. If possible, install wood or metal storm shutters on windows. Change out the door hinges and latches and make the roof wind resistant. At the very least, purchase plywood sheets that are large enough to board up your windows should a hurricane hit. Make sure everyone in the household knows how to turn off the gas, water, and electricity before leaving the home. Also, be sure to instruct children on how to use the 911 hotline or listen to the radio for weather updates.

Purchase Emergency Supplies

People often forget to buy basic emergency supplies before hurricane season. Make a supply kit with food, water, and first aid supplies to last for about a week. Be sure to place important documents in waterproof containers and put them in areas that are easy to access. These are simple things you need to think of before you hear the news of a hurricane in the area.

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