Car Cooling Tips To Remember This Summer

Hand checking the air conditioner in the car

Winter has come to an end, and now, you’re enjoying the Florida sunshine. While the warmth feels nice when you’re outdoors, the sun can heat your vehicle while you’re driving or when parked. Avoid that problem by following these car cooling tips!

Use a Sunshade When Parked

Placing a sunshade on your windshield is an easy way to keep your vehicle cool when parked. Most sunshades are easy to set up and take down, so you can pop them on and off as needed. You can go with a cheap sunshade or get a luxury sunshade made for your vehicle.

Choose Shaded Parking Spots

Parking in the shade is the ideal choice during the summer. The less your vehicle is exposed to direct sunlight, the cooler it will stay. It might take a bit longer to find a shady parking spot, but you’ll be happy you spent the time when you get back inside. It will be cool, comfortable, and ready to take you to your next destination.

Install Cooling Cushions

If you’re behind the wheel for very long, your back and legs can begin to heat your seats. Then, when you get out, you’ll have sweat running down your back and legs. That’s uncomfortable, embarrassing, and can be avoided by installing cooling cushions. These low-cost cushions will keep you cool and comfortable when you’re on the road.

Install Solar Fans

You can also keep your vehicle cool by installing solar fans. Once you mount the fans on your windows, they’ll pull the hot air from inside your car. These fans also blow cooler air inside of the vehicle. They are powered by the sun, making them a low-maintenance cooling option.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioner is Up to the Task

Your air conditioner has a big job to do this summer. Make sure that it’s up to the task by getting it serviced. The technician can check the refrigerant gas levels and the air filters to ensure it’s running at optimal performance. Then, it will keep you cool as you drive around Bradenton and beyond.

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Cool Your Vehicle Before Getting Inside

What if you forget to set up your sunshade or park in the shade? You can cool off your car by opening the doors before you get inside. Then, turn on the air conditioner and give it a few minutes to cool off the interior. Once sufficiently cooled, up can slide behind the wheel and take off. Only do this as needed, though. Idling burns fuel, reducing your gas mileage.

Keeping your car cool during the summer is essential. It’s also vital that you drive a vehicle that you love. Hendrick Honda Bradenton in Bradenton, Florida, has a vast lineup that is ready to go home with you today. Visit us to browse through our new and pre-owned vehicles. Our team can also provide additional tips to help you keep your new car cool as the temperature heats up.

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