What Do The Lights On Your Dash Mean?

Check engine light on modern dashboard
The lights on the dashboard of your vehicle  are meant to alert you there is an issue that needs your attention. Your vehicle will alert you with a ding and an illuminated light when you need to do anything from stop by your nearest gas station, check your tire pressure... [read more]

Prep Some Easy Sides For The Holidays

brussels sprouts in a pan
Hosting dinner for the holidays? Whatever your main course might be, you’re sure to find the perfect side dishes for your guests in this handy list of holiday side ideas. Creamy Mashed Potatoes Potatoes are a classic accompaniment for hearty meats, so no matter what protein you have planned for the holidays,... [read more]

Don’t Just Throw Out Your Jack-O’-Lantern

Pumpkins on front step with halloween decorations
Halloween is now over, time to put the costumes away, enjoy the candy coma, and figure out what to do with your jack-o’-lantern. A fun tradition for families, however, after Halloween Jack-o’-lanterns are thrown away and cause damage to our environment. Every year, pumpkins in the US are thrown away... [read more]

What’s That Sound? Car Noises That Must Be Checked Out

Pensive woman looks at car engine.
If you've ever panickily googled a car sound to make sure your engine wasn't about to explode, you'll appreciate this quick guide to common car sounds. This list will help you identify the car noises that need your immediate attention and hopefully put your mind at ease. Let's dive in. A... [read more]

Keep Your Jack-O-Lantern Fresh For Halloween

two jack-o-lanterns on a front porch that is painted green
Even if your Halloween decorations include zombies, ghouls, or nasty creatures, we're sure you don't want your front porch to smell like them. Unfortunately, that's exactly what a rotting pumpkin will smell like. If you've struggled to keep your jack-o-lantern on this side of the veil in the past, use... [read more]

Enjoy These Autumn Coffee Recipes

latte coffee and toffee
If you are a coffee connoisseur, then you love your coffee all year round. There is something, however about drinking coffee in the fall. The cool, crisp morning air and the cold nights around the fire call for a delicious, warm cup of joe. While you certainly can drink your... [read more]

Things Every Driver Needs In Their Car

checking battery with jumper cables
Did you just purchase a new ride? Oh, what fun! Whether you are a 16-year-old and this is your first car or you have been on the road for decades, with every new car, there are a few essentials you should fill your trunk with. Read over this list of... [read more]

Get Ready For Game Day With Your New Favorite Dips

French Onion Dip with Hand Made Potato Chips and a Beer
Game day always requires a snack to go with it. You cannot really enjoy the game without snacks for comfort, stress, and anger. Your team missed another field goal? Game day food will make it all better. Drown your sorrows or celebrate your team’s victory the best way Americans do.... [read more]

Rev Your Engine For Sarasota Cars & Coffee

Line up of classic muscle cars
Looking at cars, chatting with other enthusiasts, and having a good cup of coffee is a great way to spend a Saturday. The second Saturday every month, no matter the weather, a get-together that is centered around cars and car talk is held in Sarasota, FL. Join fellow exotic, sports,... [read more]

Deodorize Your Car With These Steps

Car air parfume on the frontal mirror of the car with blurred green background outside the window.
When it comes to your vehicle, you need it to perform well in Bradenton, FL, for years to come. As a responsible owner, you need to keep up with routine maintenance. However, you should also work hard to keep it looking nice. This will improve its value and make it... [read more]