Easy Ways To Control Pet Hair In Your Home

Furry dog sitting on the couch

While people have pets of all shapes and sizes, some are crate trained or left in a specific room when their owner leaves the house. However, if you have dogs or cats (or both), chances are they spend a lot of time indoors, roaming around your house. These pets may even sleep on your furniture or curl up with you in bed at night. Although you enjoy the companionship, it’s no secret that cleaning up pet hair can be a chore. However, this doesn’t have to be a stressful, no-win situation. The following tips can make a huge difference.

Try a Damp Mop

If you have hardwood floors, you know all too well that pet hair gathers easily here. Sweeping it up from tile, wood, or laminate floors can be a pain because of static electricity. However, using a damp map eliminates much of the static and much more effectively picks up the hair. You can simply do this with hot water alone, or you can try adding some detergent or other cleaning agents.

Sweep Before Vacuuming

Some people may think getting pet hair out of the carpet is only a matter of running the vacuum across the floor. While this may work to get out some of the hair, it may not be enough to suck up deeply embedded hair. You’ll still find hair in the carpet fibers immediately after vacuuming. One trick you can employ is to use a rubber broom first. Sweep the carpet with this device first, and it’ll bring up large clumps of hair. Although, make sure you pick up the biggest chunks of hair with your hands, so you don’t clog the vacuum.

Use a Squeegee on the Stairs

To many homeowners with pets, this idea may seem absurd. After all, squeegees are for washing windows, right? Similar to how a rubber broom helps to bring up hidden clumps of pet hair from the carpeted rooms of your house, a squeegee does the same on carpeted stairs. Be aware that this method is much more effective if you have thinner, low-pile carpet.

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For Wooden Furniture

You’ll surely notice how dusty your wooden chairs, benches, and tables can quickly accumulate dust. It’s the same with pet hair. You can take care of this problem in much the same way you do with dust. Grab some anti-static dusting spray or even some furniture polish, put it lightly on a cloth, and rub off the pet hair. Not only will this remove the hair, but it will leave the items looking nice and attractive.

Owning a pet requires almost constant vigilance if you want to reduce the amount of pet hair in your home. These ideas will make your job simpler for all surfaces and materials.

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