Go Horseback Riding On The Florida Beaches

Horseback riding on the beaches

Are you looking for a different type of outing or activity in Bradenton, Florida? If you’re bored with the same old routine or event, you haven’t tried Florida Beach Horses. This unique opportunity puts you up close and personal with these gentle animals in a beautiful, fun setting. Riding and interacting with horses on the beach and in the water is something people of all ages can enjoy. Whether you’re an experienced horse rider or new to it, you’ll love what’s in store for you.

An Outing for Your Whole Group

The staff at Florida Beach Horses will take care of everyone in your party’s needs. For example, younger riders and first-time participants may feel a little nervous and unsure, but a trained team will ease them into things, giving proper instruction. Florida Beach Horses has a strong commitment to safety, so you can be sure that you and everyone with you will have all the equipment you need to have a safe, enjoyable ride. All the equipment and gear undergo sanitization before and after each user. Plus, Florida Beach Horses provides the right horses for each rider’s size and needs.

Rides in the Water

You’ll be amazed how much horses at Florida Beach Horses love the water. Many of the horses are playful, too, and will show off that personality in the water. If you want a relaxing ride, choose one of the cruise rides. They’ll take you through calm waters where you can take in the sights and share the experience with your horse.

One of the most popular rides at Florida Beach Horses is the sunset ride, which happens along the beach at low tide. The views are breathtaking and stunning. This ride lasts 90 minutes and is open for anyone at least 10 years old.

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Sand and Surf Rides

Want to combine a jaunt in the water with one on the beach? The sand and surf rides are a favorite of Bradenton, FL, guests. You’ll start on the beach in a saddle and end in the water going bareback. Don’t worry; a trained guide will be by your side to make sure you’re doing all right. Couples and older riders love this experience. However, anyone over the age of 3 is welcome to join in on the fun.

You can also choose the evening sand and surf ride where you can take in the sunset. Couples love this opportunity and atmosphere. Meanwhile, with all other rides with Florida Beach Horses, this excursion goes for an hour and a half.

Riding horses has never been so exciting and enjoyable. Schedule a time to visit Florida Beach Horses today and go on a walk and swim with the horses. You’ll surely enjoy this thrilling outing with family and friends.

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