Need Help Keeping Your Vehicle Organized? Check Out These Tips!

Dog in the back seat of the carCleaning your car can take a lot of time and energy. Especially if you have kids or pets that need chauffeuring around all of the time. Instead of spending hours at a time a few times per year doing a deep clean, try taking steps in advance to ensure your car not only looks clean, but stays clean. This way, you’re getting ahead of the mess, and saving yourself time and stress in the future.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a tidy car that will stay that way for a long time!

Invest In a Trash Can

The first tip is pretty straightforward: a trash can equals less trash on the floor. You know those times where you don’t really know what to do with a wrapper, so you throw it on the floor or cram it into the cup holder in the door? Those days are long gone when you add your own trashcan! There’s a variety of styles and options for you to choose from.

Seat Covers Are Your Best Friend

Pets, kids, they’re both messy. Get ahead of those stains or fur left behind when you lay out a seat cover. Not only will it be easy to remove fur (just dump the cover), but it also blocks against spills or crumbs. Your pet who sheds is now welcome in the car!

You Need a Trunk Organizer

Another straightforward tip; a trunk organizer can help you keep your trunk organized! These storage bins can be bought anywhere, and help you keep things tidy and in place. You can maximize your cleanliness by storing wipes, napkins, and anything else you need to grab on the go when stains pop up. It’s a win-win.

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Start From Scratch

There is always the case in which your current vehicle is too far gone, and you need a plan B. Let the team at Hendrick Honda Bradenton put you in a squeaky clean new vehicle as a chance to practice these new tips. Be sure to browse our online inventory for some ideas!

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