Tackle Holiday Decorating Challenges

Tangled string of Christmas lights
The holidays are coming, and for all the fun and cheer they bring, they also present their share of challenges. Consider these decorating tips as you prepare for the festivities.

Fix those Christmas Lights

When you get your Christmas lights out of storage and plug them in, you might notice a few bulbs won’t shine. Instead of getting a whole new string’s worth, you can try tightening the bulb to see if it was just loose. If that doesn’t work, use a bulb tester to see which bulb is causing a break in the flow of power. When you find it, you’ll only have to replace the faulty bulb. When it’s time to put those lights away until the next holiday, it’s worthwhile to take an extra step to prevent a tangled mess in storage. You might have some spare cardboard lying around after all the gifts have been unwrapped, so take a few pieces of it to make spools for wrapping the lights around. Just cut indentations on opposite sides and wrap the strings of lights around them. This should keep them from sliding off the spool before you need them again.

Let it Snow

We don’t exactly see a lot of snow here in Bradenton, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little winter wonder in your own home this Christmas. A flocked tree simulates a coat of snow on the branches, and it’s easy to achieve this effect with your own tree and a few simple tools. Before you bring your tree inside, you could either spray it with a store-bought spray-on snow, or dust it with a flocking powder through a sifter.

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Put a Bow on It

It’s always the thought that counts, but presents deserve a few points for presentation, too. If you really want to make a statement with your giftwrapping, top your packages with a charming DIY bow. You’ll need two kinds of ribbon, scissors, and tape. These instructions and accompanying video walk you through the surprisingly simple process, and you’ll have handsome presents under the tree in no time.

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