What Do The Lights On Your Dash Mean?

Check engine light on modern dashboard

The lights on the dashboard of your vehicle  are meant to alert you there is an issue that needs your attention. Your vehicle will alert you with a ding and an illuminated light when you need to do anything from stop by your nearest gas station, check your tire pressure or schedule an appointment for an oil change. Some of the lights on your dashboard are pretty straight forward while others are a little harder to decipher. To help you take the right corrective actions,  follow this guide to the most common warning lights and what to do about them.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light looks like a tiny car engine and indicates that your vehicle’s computer has detected a problem and triggered an error code. Take your vehicle to your preferred mechanic for diagnostics and repairs.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

This warning light looks like a  tire with an exclamation point in the middle. It indicates that your tire pressure is too high or too low. Check your tire pressure immediately and make the proper adjustments.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

The oil light looks like an old-school oil can. It indicates that your oil is low or that it isn’t circulating correctly. Pull over whenever it is safe and make sure you don’t have an oil leak. Then top off your oil or  schedule an oil change if necessary.

Engine Temperature Warning Light

The engine temperature light looks like a mercury thermometer with two wavy lines along the bottom. It means that your car’s engine is overheating which could be caused by a number of things. However, it most likely means that your coolant is low. Pull over and wait at least ten minutes for your engine to cool down. Once it’s cool, check your coolant levels and make sure your radiator cap is properly sealed.

Battery Charge Warning Light

The battery light is a small rectangle with a plus and minus sign in the middle. When it comes on it indicates that your charging system is malfunctioning. You should have your alternator and your battery terminal inspected.

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Brake System Warning Light

The set of parenthesis with a circle and exclamation point in the center indicates that your brake system needs attention. If the symbol flashes and you don’t notice any issues schedule an appointment ASAP. If the light stays on without flashing your vehicle isn’t safe to drive. Have it towed to a repair shop for immediate inspection.

When you see a warning light on your dashboard don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with the Hendrick Honda Bradenton service center.

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