Make Your Car Look Just Like New

Car Wash

Try as you might to keep it clean, your car gets dirty. You hit bugs. There’s rain and mud. And now, this time of year, we have pollen. It may be a critical part of our environment and necessary for our survival, but it sure does make our cars yellow and our allergies act up. While we don’t have any advice on the latter, we do have a few tips on how to make your car look just like new.

Use The Right Suds

We know, liquid dish soap is a degreaser. Says so right there on the bottle. Problem is, it takes important oils out of your paint’s finish. The more you use something like dish soap, the more you can actually harm your car. Instead, head to an auto parts store and find a specific soap formulated just for cars.

Pluck The Finish

As you drive along the road, all sorts of crud gets on your car and most of it you can spray off with the hose. But some of it, believe it or not, gets embedded into the coat of your car. With a clay bar kit, you can remove those little pieces.

Polish The Finish

Polishing and waxing are actually two different things, and they’re completely separate steps to take when you wash your car. Polishing removes small scratches and other imperfections, buffing your finish to a shine. Waxing adds more gloss and protects your finish from the elements. So you see, both steps are very important. Don’t skip polishing.

Synthetic Wax

There are cases to be made for various waxes, but you may want to consider using synthetic wax. Not only is it easier to apply, but it tends to give your car more of a wet-gloss look.

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Suck Up The Dust

As you clean vents and other nooks and crannies in your car, suck up the dust with a vacuum cleaner simultaneously.

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