Another Reason Why Tire Pressure Matters

technician removing tire valve cap for tire inflation service
One of the easiest ways to enhance your fuel efficiency is to make sure your tire pressure is just right, so keep them properly inflated!

How Does Tire Pressure Affect Gas Mileage?

Picture yourself getting ready for a jog. Now, instead of lacing up running shoes, imagine that you put on old sneakers with soles separating underneath. Those would naturally make it harder to run, wouldn’t they? You’d have to work harder just to get where you’re going, and slack tires can cause a similar problem for your car. When tires sag, they force the engine to work harder to keep them turning, costing more fuel as you drive.

Tire Pressure and Road Safety

Underinflated tires also pose safety hazards. That sag can increase the rolling distance of your tires, marking your brakes less effective when stopping on time is essential. Handling won’t be as smooth as it should be , and the risk of blowouts increases as well.

Keep Those Tires Properly Inflated

Your vehicle can perform at its best when all its parts are in proper condition. That includes your tires, and when they’re properly inflated, your engine won’t have to work so hard. This translates to better gas mileage, and the U.S. Department of Energy claims that drivers can improve their fuel efficiency by up to 3 percent just by maintaining the correct tire pressure for their vehicles. If you’re trying to glean every mile possible from your next fill-up, it pays to check your tire pressure as well.

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Tire Maintenance Essentials

To see what your tire pressure should be, look on the driver’s side door jamb for info on your tires. You can also buy a tire gauge to check in on your tire pressure as needed. Most gas stations should have air pumps available to inflate your tires, and the process doesn’t take long at all. If you really want to make sure your tires will last as long as possible, remember to have them rotated on a regular basis, and ask your mechanic to check their alignment to avoid uneven wear and tear.

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