Mark Your Calendars For The 5th Annual My Hometown Festival

My Hometown Festival

Don’t you love living in the Bradenton area? There’s something about this town that’s hard not to like. From the friendly people to the amazing restaurants to the warm and welcoming community, it’s easy to call this area home. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate that, you should come out for the 5th Annual My Hometown Festival. It’s a chance to spend some time in your community while sipping on high-quality craft beer, trying some of the best bites in town, and listening to live local music. Get the scoop on this fun upcoming event today.

What You Need to Know

The 5th Annual My Hometown Festival is going to take place on Saturday, March 28. Since it’s only a one-day festival, you don’t have to cancel your plans for the entire weekend to attend. It’s going to be held from noon to 5 p.m. However, there’s going to be so much going on that you definitely won’t want to be late. This year’s event is going to be held at Nathan Benderson Park in nearby Sarasota, Florida.

Get Your Tickets Today

If you want to go, you should get your tickets as soon as possible. If you want to enjoy food and craft beer samples as well as live music, your ticket is going to cost you $35. Not planning on drinking while you’re at the event? You can get a ticket for $25 instead and still take advantage of those food tastings. Children 12 years of age and younger get into this event for free. Keep in mind that parking is $5, so you’ll want to bring some cash with you.

Try the Best Food in Town

Not only are you going to get to sip on some brews, but you’ll also enjoy the food from 40 local restaurants around town. They’re serving up some of their best dishes as samples, so you’re certainly going to want to stop and try a bite or two.

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Live Music

There are also going to be three bands playing at this event, so take some time to go over to the stage and see them perform.

Get your tickets to the 5th Annual My Hometown Festival today.

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