Easy Halloween Costume Ideas


It may seem like it happens every year. Months before Halloween is even on the horizon, you promise yourself that you’re going to come up with a clever costume early. However, before you know it, it’s a week before Halloween, and you still don’t have anything picked out. This is a problem that too many people know far too well. So, what are you supposed to do? If you have a big event coming up, you don’t want to have to go without a costume – or spend too much money at one that everyone else will have. You just need some help to come up with a cool and creative idea. Whether you’re making a costume for yourself or your child, these easy costume ideas are perfect for last-minute planners.

Ceiling Fan Costume

It doesn’t get much easier than making a ceiling fan costume. This is one of those punny costumes that will have people at the party cracking up… once they get it. All you have to do is wear a shirt that says “ceiling.” It helps if it’s in university-style block letters. Then, get pom-poms, a sign, or a #1 finger to show how much of a “fan” you are. Get it?

50 Shades of Grey Costume

This one is pretty simple too. Why not dress up as 50 Shades of Grey? You may be wondering how to go about this one… Well, you know all those paint swatches you can find at your local home supply store? Go get as many grey ones as possible, and attach them to your favorite grey shirt of choice. It doesn’t take long to figure this one out.

Minnie Mouse Costume

Want to look as cute as can be when you hit your Halloween party or another event? Then go for a Minnie Mouse costume. Wear a black top, black tights, and a red skirt. Then, attach black dots to your skirt to create that signature Minnie look. To finish it off, get some ears and a cute red and white polka dot bow to wear on your head. This is a great look for little girls and adult women alike.

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Holy Guacamole Costume

Love avocados? Who doesn’t? Take your food obsession to the next level by making a holy guacamole costume. All you have to do is wear a green shirt. Then, attach pictures of avocados to it. Finish it off by wearing some white angel wings, and you’re all good to go! Want to get bonus points? Find a halo as well.

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