Escape Aboard The Marina Jack II

Shot of a happy young couple eating watermelon on a relaxing ocean cruise

As a Florida resident, waterfront dining isn’t all that unusual. You’ve likely spent many meals looking out at the water, but have you eaten while on the water? You can take your waterfront dining experience to the next level aboard the Marina Jack II. It’s docked on Sarasota’s bayfront and will take you out for a lunch or dinner cruise. Then, you can enjoy a delicious meal in the air-conditioned cabin or on the open-air deck. Learn more about cruises aboard the Marina Jack II and grab some tickets so you can embark on an exciting (and tasty) excursion.

Lunch Aboard the Marina Jack II

The Marina Jack II offers sightseeing lunch cruises seven days a week, and they are a hit with locals and tourists. You’ll dive into a buffet lunch that includes the catch of the day, chicken marsala, veggies, and more. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the chef’s dessert at the end of the meal.

As good as the food is, the cruise really shines when it comes to sightseeing. The captain will narrate the cruise for you, pointing out various sights as you enjoy your meal. It’s amazing how much the captain knows about the area, so you can expect an informative meal when you embark on this trip.

Dinner Aboard the Marina Jack II

If you want to enjoy a romantic evening on the water, you can book a sunset dinner cruise. This cruise offers a buffet of grilled salmon, prime rib, and other goodies. And while there are numerous dessert options, be sure to go with the key lime pie for a true Florida experience.

Your captain will guide you into the perfect place to watch the sun go down during your cruise. Be sure to have your camera ready so you can capture it. That photo will turn into quite the keepsake.

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Ticket Prices

The cruises are reasonably priced when you consider that it comes with a mouthwatering meal and an expert guide. You can attend the sightseeing lunch cruise for $38.95 a person and the sunset dinner cruise for $59.95 a person. Oh, and if you have kids aged 9 or under, contact the company for special pricing for little ones.

The next time you want to get something a little extra out of lunch or dinner, book a spot on one of these cruises. You’ll have a blast dining on the water, and you’ll learn quite a bit about the local area.

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