Get Ready For Game Day With Your New Favorite Dips

French Onion Dip with Hand Made Potato Chips and a Beer

Game day always requires a snack to go with it. You cannot really enjoy the game without snacks for comfort, stress, and anger. Your team missed another field goal? Game day food will make it all better. Drown your sorrows or celebrate your team’s victory the best way Americans do. For anyone in the mood to take your game day snacks up a level, FoodSided has five dips for you to try this season.

Spicy Bacon Dip

If you want a dip that will be an instant fan favorite, try this spicy bacon dip. Bacon, cheese, and Tabasco sauce–what not to love! FoodSided recommends that you pair the dip with corn chips or toasted crostini. No matter how you eat the dip, it will be sure to lighten up any scorned fan’s mood.

Seven-Layer Dip

A go-to for most fans, the seven-layer dip has all the flavors everyone loves. In one scoop you have refried beans, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, and black olives. Serve this yummy snack with tortilla chips or in individual mason jars for a fun twist! If you want to make it more festive, you could decorate the top like a football field.

Veggie Dips

For anyone who might want a fun way to get their veggies in, try spinach dip. Another great choice, it brings in spinach, artichokes, and cheese for perfect bites. Serve with tortilla chips or pita chips for something more streamlined.

If you like more simple dips, make guacamole. You could add some spice or make it a bit sweet. However you make your guac this season, do not forget the chips and to hide some away for yourself.

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Buffalo Chicken Dip

Everyone loves buffalo chicken dip, nothing else pairs as perfectly with the game. There are many recipes out there for everyone’s taste. The basics of chicken, cheese, and hot sauce bring the comforting taste of chicken wings to every bite. Whether you like this dip hot or cold, from the oven or crockpot, a scoop of buffalo chicken dip with tortilla chips is what makes game day the best day of the week.

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