Honda Through The Ages

Honda Pilot interior

Honda vehicles are recognized all over the world for their safety, reliability, and design. Let’s take a look at Honda through the years to see how far it has come and what the future looks like for this reputable automotive company!

Through The Years

In 1949, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. was established by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa. They designed and created the D-type motorcycle; also known as the “Dream” motorcycle. Fast forward to the 1950s, and Honda traveled overseas for the first time and found home in Los Angeles, California. In less than a decade of being in America, Honda sold their one-millionth motorcycle. The company changed the bike game and brought power and sophistication to mainstream motorcycles.

In 1969 Honda sold their first vehicle in America. The Honda N600 was a hit! In 1973, it welcomed the first fuel-efficient 4-stroke outboard marine engine. It was safe to say that Honda was busy. Just one year later, it created a CVCC engine that made the Honda Civic the first vehicle to meet the emissions standards without the act of a catalytic converter.

Next, Honda created the Accord. Since the day it came out it has been nothing but loved, and is still the best-selling passenger car in America. In 1984 Honda decided to mix things up a little and created Honda Power Equipment Mfg., Inc. Next thing you know, Honda was selected as the top-rated lawnmower for over a decade. Then 1986 rolled around and Honda launched the Acura. The luxury version of Honda. Before the turn of the century, Honda became the first hybrid vehicle available in North America.

The Future

It is no secret that Honda has been successful over the years. The company works endlessly to create new products that improve the lives of customers while also protecting the environment. By 2050, Honda is aiming to cut CO2 emissions from all products and business operations in half. Honda is also currently working to see what transportation will look like in 2088. The team is constantly working to create tomorrow’s smarter, and more mobile, world.

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