Find A New Tradition For Your Family This Year

Father and daughter choose a Christmas tree in the market.For many families, Christmastime traditions are some of the best ways to bring together loved ones during the holidays. Usually handed down from generation to generation, holiday traditions are a great way to pay homage to family members from the past, and spark an invigorated sense of bonding with friends and family. 

Another great way to celebrate the holidays with those closest to you is to start a brand-new tradition that can be carried on for many years to come. Traditions like buying and hiding an Elf on the Shelf, picking out a Christmas tree, making fun holiday crafts, and many others, are all great ways to start a new holiday tradition that is specific to your family. Thankfully, Country Living has come up with this excellent list of holiday activities that can spark imagination and much more this season.

Elf On a Shelf

Although this menacing little elf hasn’t been around for long, it’s a great way to get your kids involved in new holiday traditions. These little elves are notorious for finding themselves in tricky situations and can become quite the little troublemakers. Although the elf can be a trickster, kids know that the elf is closely watching their behavior, and they will be reported straight to Santa if they’re being naughty.

Picking Out a Christmas Tree

This next tradition has been with families for centuries. Picking out a new family Christmas tree is a great way to really get everyone involved. Time spent combing through the Christmas tree farm picking out the exact right one is time that will be remembered for years to come. This activity will give your whole family a sense of teamwork and togetherness, and it’s even more fun if you chop the tree down yourself.

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Make Holiday Crafts

Making holiday crafts is especially enjoyable for the little ones in your family. Start with fun holiday cards, and work your way up to creating a beautiful Christmas wreath to hang on your door.

No matter which activities you pick, just make sure you’re surrounding yourself with family and having a blast this holiday season!

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