Play In The Trees At TreeUmph! Adventure Course

Rope park in a forest

Looking for something crazy adventurous to do this summer? While the pool is fun for soaking up the summer heat, so are ten football fields for climbing, swinging, and adventure games with TreeUmph Adventure Course. If you’ve always wanted to feel like you’re flying through trees in the forest, like Tarzan, here is your crazy fun opportunity. TreeUmph loves to give their adventurers memories and experiences to cherish forever. So, it’s time to gear up!

Tips Before Your Adventure

You should be excited about the tree hoping you’ll be doing, but there are a few important tips to make sure you follow so that you have a super fun and safe experience at TreeUmph Adventure Course. To get the most fun out of your adventure, make sure you hydrate 24-48 hours before your reservation. It’s summer, which means the heat will take it out of you, so drink plenty of water. Don’t worry, TreeUmph also has unlimited water passes for purchase.

Make sure to wear close-toed shoes since you’ll be climbing. If you have long hair, make sure you pull it back. Wear athletic clothing that won’t get caught in ropes. If you think you may want gloves, pack them before you head out. Gloves are not mandatory, but if you’d like them, TreeUmph has some for purchase. If you want to carry a phone, make sure you have zipper pockets or a small fanny pack for safekeeping.

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TreeUmph Adventure Course has some amazing group packages. If you’re looking for a fun place to have a birthday party, field trips, team building, scout packages, or get friends and family together, you’ll be in good hands. Whether your group is kids, teens, or adults, there are adventures awaiting everyone. To get the date you need, TreeUmph recommends booking two to four weeks in advance for the best available options.

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