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How the 2016 Honda Accord has Evolved from Previous Models

2016 Honda Accord Bradenton
Evolution is an incredible change over time, in all things. For living organisms, this means adapting well to the environment in order to survive. For machines, evolution means being created to streamline human performance and make living more enjoyable for all of us. Honda Accord: Fan Favorite Since the 1970's Over the... [read more]

10 Great Reasons to Drive the 2015 Honda Accord in Brandenton and Tampa

2015 Honda Accord Bradenton
Did you know that an estimated 15.6 million cars are sold in the United States each year? What makes the Honda Accord special enough to drive in Tampa? Here are ten reasons. Listen up. Proven Reliability Very few vehicles can match the overall reliability of a Honda Accord. With the proper maintenance,... [read more]

Metallic Paint, Pearl Paint, and Your Perfect Honda Accord

2015 Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan
The 2015 Honda Accord is available in a spectrum of beautiful colors, most of which are either “metallic” or “pearl.” The differences between these two styles of paint is subtle, and every color of Accord from Hendrick Honda Bradenton will turn heads. Metallic auto paints give the vehicle an eye-catching shine... [read more]

Summer-ize Your 2015 Honda Accord

2015 honda accord
Is your 2015 Honda Accord ready for summer? Check out these tips & tricks to ensure your safety in the summer months. Also, check out our Pre-Trip inspection option in the service department![read more]