Get To Know Take Stock In Children Manatee County

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If you’re from the Bradenton area, you’ve probably heard of Take Stock in Children Inc. This charity has been working in counties all over the state to enrich the lives of students before, during, and after graduation. With a long-term goal to defeat poverty, there’s a lot on this charity’s to-do list. Keep reading to find out what they do and how you can help them!

What They Do

Seven hundred. That’s how many scholarships have been awarded across the county. That means 700 students were able to afford college thanks to Take Stock in Children’s efforts. If you’re still finding yourself wondering how a scholarship or education could help reduce poverty in certain areas, that’s actually the basis of the charity’s mission, called the Take Stock Effect. With a degree and quality education, graduates are more likely to earn $10,000-16,000 more each year, on top of a higher likelihood of getting hired. With those odds, the chances of living in poverty go down. The impact might slowly show itself, but it’s there.

How You Can Help

If you’re interested in giving back or volunteering with the charity, there’s a couple of ways you can dive in. You can apply to be a mentor, donate what you’re able to, or look into becoming a Mission Maker. There are so many ways to play your part, and the charity welcomes the support. Visit the site to find out more about ways you can get involved.

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Hendrick Honda Bradenton

For the past few years, our dealership has worked with Take Stock In Children Manatee County to host fundraising events, like the most recent one coming up on May 16. Join us for an event to celebrate 2021 graduates! It will take place at 9 AM at LECOM Park in Bradenton. We hope to see you there!

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