Beat the Heat at the Riverwalk

Playing in the Riverwalk fountain
If you're looking for the perfect place to beat the heat with your family this summer, you've come to the right place. Located in Bradenton, Florida, the Riverwalk is the area's most popular outdoor gathering place. Spanning 1.5 miles and full of activities, there's a little something for everyone. Get Active at... [read more]

4 Tips for Cleaning Stains out of Your Honda’s Interior

Hand with spray bottle ready for cleaning stains
When you bought your Honda, it was a work of art. It was beautifully detailed, and everything looked perfect. Then, life happened. Your Honda fell victim to muddy feet and careless spills. Turn your Honda back into a masterpiece by getting the stains out of the interior. With each of... [read more]

2017 Honda CR-V Goes Head to Head with RAV4 and Rogue

2017 CR-V vs RAV4 vs Rogue
Do you ever watch boxing? Sometimes you pay top dollar for a pay-per-view fight, and it only lasts a few seconds because one of the boxers is so much better than the other. The same can happen with cars, too. No, you don’t have to pay pay-per-view prices, but sometimes,... [read more]

Take the Family Hiking in Florida

Three Friends Hiking Together.
You don’t want your family to spend their days and nights sitting in front of the TV. You want everyone to get active, and you can accomplish that by going on a hiking trip with your entire crew. Florida is full of hiking trails that you can use. Pick a... [read more]

Things Your Child Should Know Before Kindergarten

Things Your Child Should Know Before Kindergarten
Knowing the requirements for your child to get into kindergarten can be daunting - especially if you are first time parent. However, you don't have to feel anxiety if you are prepared. There are many learning and social factors that your child will need to know before kindergarten. Check out... [read more]

Everything You Should Know About Free National Park Week

Free National Park Week
During the summer of 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the act responsible for the creation of America's National Park System. A whole new federal bureau was created and tasked with the responsibility of protecting the then only 35 national parks and monuments, and the promise to protect all future additions. The... [read more]

Top 3 April Events to Attend Nearby Bradenton

April events
There are plenty of April events going on in Bradenton for you to attend and enjoy. Come out to any of these events for a great time. No matter what you enjoy you will find something that you will love. Come out and bring your family and friends as you... [read more]

Give Back in Bradenton by Volunteering

Bradenton Community
Bradenton is one of the major cities in Manatee County, Florida. If you are one of the residents in the town and want to give back to your city and the community you live in, there are many fantastic opportunities offered by the town. It gives a warm feeling of... [read more]

Drive Your Honda to Visit the De Soto National Memorial

De Soto National Memorial
Not too far from Bradenton, there is the De Soto National Memorial. This area is full of history, and the memorial is a great way to learn about its importance. If you are a lover of history and would like to experience it firsthand, this is the perfect place for... [read more]