Useful Car Buying Tips

Close up of a man receiving new car key.
Buying a new car is a big purchase, so you want to do it the right way. Check out some useful car buying tips that will help you through the process. Then, you’ll be ready to find the car of your dreams and make a purchase. Start With a Budget Knowing your... [read more]

Explore The John And Mable Ringling Museum Of Art

young girl looking at art in a museum
Florida is known for its bustling art scene, with numerous galleries and museums. But, even with so many options, The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota manages to stand out. The 66-acre complex houses European masterpieces, a circus museum, gorgeous tropical gardens, and more. If you’ve never... [read more]

Escape Aboard The Marina Jack II

Shot of a happy young couple eating watermelon on a relaxing ocean cruise
As a Florida resident, waterfront dining isn’t all that unusual. You’ve likely spent many meals looking out at the water, but have you eaten while on the water? You can take your waterfront dining experience to the next level aboard the Marina Jack II. It’s docked on Sarasota’s bayfront and... [read more]

When Should I Change My Transmission Fluid?

Services car engine
Few things are as frustrating and inconvenient as car problems. You are bound to experience some sort of mechanical or performance difficulty with your vehicle. The key is to minimize the severity of the issues. You can do a lot to prevent breakdowns as you’re driving in Bradenton, FL. Regular... [read more]

Wander Through Robinson Preserve

woman kayaking down river along with paddle boarder
If you are a resident of Bradenton, FL, you know all about the gorgeous surroundings and the opportunities they offer. If you are visiting the area, you may be looking for a place to spend the day. Even people who live here may not yet have explored one of the... [read more]

Venture Back In Time At Braden Castle Ruins

kids exploring with a magnifying glass
Even if you are a lifelong Bradenton, FL, resident, you may not know some of the aspects of the area’s history. Finding out about the city’s past can be fascinating and educational. For example, one of the most intriguing pieces of Bradenton’s beginnings is the Braden Castle Ruins. This is... [read more]

Tips On How To Protect Your Car From Ocean Air

Rear view of a woman sitting in a car looking at view
You rely on your vehicle just about every day to get you from place to place. Not only do you need a high-performing, reliable engine, but other features are essential for your comforts and safety. Even the body and other exterior components need to be in good condition and function... [read more]

Visit Bradenton’s Best Pastry Lab

Woman adds an egg to the flour
Some occasions call for a tasty slice of something sweet to eat. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, holiday, or just no reason at all, a tantalizing pastry can hit the spot. If you’re looking for a place in Bradenton, FL, to find cakes, pastries, and other baked goods, come check... [read more]

Explore Manatee Village Historical Park

Beautiful Parks and gardens to walk and relax
Florida is home to an array of attractions and interesting sites. If you’re in the mood for something educational, Manatee Village Historical Park is the perfect place to visit. It’s a great outing for the entire family, as kids and adults will appreciate local history. Learn more about what Manatee... [read more]

Take A Look At The Future: Honda Electric

Honda Electric
Honda has positioned itself as a leader when it comes to electrified vehicles. The brand has many options available now. Plus, it continues to develop technologies for vehicles in the future. If you want to save gas and the environment, these vehicles will help you reach your goals. First, get... [read more]