Shake Things Up With Some Summertime Stir Fry

Cooking stir fry on stove
Are you looking for the perfect summer meal? Look no further than this recipe for Honey Garlic Chicken Stir Fry. It’s easy to make and so delicious that you’ll find yourself going back to it all summer long. Ingredients for Honey Garlic Chicken Stir Fry This recipe is full of tasty ingredients.... [read more]

Try This $5 DIY Craft – Your Flowers Will Thank You

handmade minimal ceramics
Are your vases in need of an upgrade? You can change the look without spending much money with a simple DIY project. Find out how to make textured chalk paint for your vases. Then, you can apply the paint to transform the vases. How to Make Textured Chalk Paint You need to... [read more]

Car Cooling Tips To Remember This Summer

Hand checking the air conditioner in the car
Winter has come to an end, and now, you’re enjoying the Florida sunshine. While the warmth feels nice when you’re outdoors, the sun can heat your vehicle while you’re driving or when parked. Avoid that problem by following these car cooling tips! Use a Sunshade When Parked Placing a sunshade on your... [read more]

Get To Know Take Stock In Children Manatee County

A young woman wearing a cap and gown.
If you're from the Bradenton area, you've probably heard of Take Stock in Children Inc. This charity has been working in counties all over the state to enrich the lives of students before, during, and after graduation. With a long-term goal to defeat poverty, there's a lot on this charity's... [read more]

Freshen Up Your Fridge With Some Fruit

Glass jars with butter and jam on a wooden shelf
Nothing is quite as refreshing as fresh fruit on a hot day. Instead of just grabbing a piece of fruit to hydrate, incorporate it into some recipes. These fresh fruit recipes will help you stay cool and hydrated all summer long. Cast-iron Peach Crostata Fruit never tasted quite as good as it... [read more]

Expand Your Horizons In An HR-V

2021 Honda HR-V
Shopping for a new vehicle in Bradenton, Florida, can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. It can be difficult deciding which make and model meets your needs, as well as offers the right features for your family. However, when it comes to SUVs, you can’t go wrong... [read more]

A Bunch Of Easy Ways To Cook Asparagus

Green asparagus with pepper and salt in a white bowl.
When you think of asparagus, you might not immediately consider it to be the most appealing thing to eat. Perhaps you even have a picky family member who would rather have just about anything on their plates. Cooking asparagus can be a lot more enjoyable when you know what other... [read more]

Easy Ways To Control Pet Hair In Your Home

Furry dog sitting on the couch
While people have pets of all shapes and sizes, some are crate trained or left in a specific room when their owner leaves the house. However, if you have dogs or cats (or both), chances are they spend a lot of time indoors, roaming around your house. These pets may... [read more]

Explore The Honda Graduate Program

Closeup of mortarboard hats as students attend their graduation
The pursuit of higher education is a rewarding endeavor, and once you’ve earned your diploma and landed your first job, it’s a great time to celebrate with a new car for your new career. However, we know that recent graduates don’t always feel confident shopping for a new vehicle after... [read more]

Slice That Grocery Bill In Half: Here’s How

paper bags of groceries including eggs, fruit, leeks, and chiles
No matter how often you shop for groceries, it pays to save whenever you can. Consider these shopping and cooking tips to stock up without breaking the budget. Stock Up on Staples There are certain household staples that no one wants to do without, from the kitchen essentials that feed the whole... [read more]