Easy Gardening Tips For Beginners

Starting your first garden can feel exciting and overwhelming at the same time. On the one hand, you can’t wait to pick fresh veggies from your garden for dinner. At the same time, you don’t want to make any critical mistakes. Fortunately, you can leave that overwhelming feeling behind by... [read more]

Save Money By Shopping Your Pantry

Are you tired of spending tons of money buying ingredients every time you want to cook? You can make some delicious dishes without breaking the bank by shopping in your pantry. Check out these easy pantry recipes that require basic ingredients you likely already have on hand. Spinach Tortellini Soup This recipe... [read more]

Make Your Car Look Just Like New

Car Wash
Try as you might to keep it clean, your car gets dirty. You hit bugs. There's rain and mud. And now, this time of year, we have pollen. It may be a critical part of our environment and necessary for our survival, but it sure does make our cars yellow... [read more]

Delicious Recipes For Your Hoops Watch Party

The legal team has given us a list of terms we can't use in reference to a certain college basketball tournament that begins every March. But we're not mad. Nope. We're hungry. That's why we want to share some delicious recipes for your hoops watch party that we are confident... [read more]

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day At O’Bricks

If it has an O and an apostrophe, you know it's a great Irish locale. And that's exactly why you should celebrate St. Patrick's Day at O'Bricks. Okay, it's not just the name. It's the food. It's the ambiance. It's everything. You'll be left saying Erin go Bragh. O'Bricks History O'Bricks occupies... [read more]

Parallel Parking Step-By-Step

Millions of people loathe the thought of even trying to parallel park. In addition, this is one of the top reasons why individuals fail their driving tests. However, you don’t need to stress. Instead, follow these step-by-step instructions to master parallel parking in no time. Step One – Select the Appropriate... [read more]

Prep Some Beignets For Mardi Gras!

Homemade Powder Sugar Beignets Ready for Breakfast
Spend your Mardi Gras right by making some beignets! If you have never made them from scratch before, the idea might seem a bit overwhelming. Just follow this recipe and tips from Simply Recipes to wow yourself and your friends! Ingredients For your beignets, gather three cups of all-purpose flour, ¾ teaspoon... [read more]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home This Year

This year, leave the crowds alone and enjoy Valentine’s Day at home! Keep time together personal and intimate by making the day special in your house. To help you wow your Valentine this year, Opendoor has these ideas for you. Kitchen Fun Get in the kitchen this year and make your Valentine... [read more]

Another Reason Why Tire Pressure Matters

technician removing tire valve cap for tire inflation service
One of the easiest ways to enhance your fuel efficiency is to make sure your tire pressure is just right, so keep them properly inflated! How Does Tire Pressure Affect Gas Mileage? Picture yourself getting ready for a jog. Now, instead of lacing up running shoes, imagine that you put on old... [read more]

Visit The Sarasota Seafood & Music Festival

Enjoy either a fun night or the whole weekend at the Sarasota Seafood and Music Festival! Have great food, hear good music, and enjoy an array of goods from vendors. Spend time with friends, as a night with a special someone, or a good time to make memories with family.... [read more]