Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home This Year

This year, leave the crowds alone and enjoy Valentine’s Day at home! Keep time together personal and intimate by making the day special in your house. To help you wow your Valentine this year, Opendoor has these ideas for you.

Kitchen Fun

Get in the kitchen this year and make your Valentine a romantic meal! Whether it is their favorite dish from a restaurant or a favorite meal you make, cooking is a great way to show someone you care. Similarly, create a romantic dessert for your Valentine, no matter if it is a complex volcano cake or chocolate-dipped strawberries, they will feel special.

If the weather is nice, take your Valentine out for a backyard picnic. Lay down a blanket to star gaze and your choice of portable food! If the weather does not want to corporate, have a picnic indoors lit by candle or fire light!

Get Creative

If you have been longing for a romantic getaway, take the time to bring the destination to your home this year. Take a trip to Italy by making Italian food, having a wine tasting, and playing some Italian music.

Or make a fun scavenger hunt for your Valentine with clues, written or images, leading to a fin surprise, gift, or meal! You could also bring the spa to your home by lighting aromatherapy candles, giving each other massages, taking a nice bubble bath, and pampering yourself with face masks, hair masks, or a mani-pedi!

Activities to Do Together

Get crafty this year and make artwork as a couple! Paint a romantic picture, make a collage of pictures of each other, or write poems together. No matter what type of art you make, have fun and get creative!

Sometimes crafts are not for everyone, so maybe try a fun game night for Valentine’s Day! Grab some snacks, fun board games to play for two, and a deck of cards. Work together and build your communication and problem-solving skills!

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Ballroom or Movie Theatre Transformation

Innovate your home into a fun space to make a memorable night with your Valentine. Move your furniture out of the way, place some mood lighting, and play some music to sway the night away. Or, learn from an online course how to tango or salsa!

Or make a cozy movie theatre. Get your most fuzzy blankets, some favorite movie theatre snacks, decorate with candles and fairy lights, and watch some fun movies! Or, take the opportunity to watch some home videos and reminisce.

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