Get Your Car Detailed So It Looks Its Best

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Like most people, you enjoy having a clean car. However, it’s not always easy to achieve that goal, especially if you have younger children. Instead of spending valuable time trying to make it look incredible, have your vehicle detailed at Hendrick Honda Bradenton in Bradenton.

A Full-service Dealership

A lot of people buy and lease automobiles from this dealership. That’s because it offers a great selection and competitive pricing. Not only that, but the sales team is also helpful. In addition, the dealership provides scheduled maintenance and repairs in its top-of-the-line service center.

In other words, you can buy or lease a sedan or SUV, have it serviced, and have repairs made at one reputable dealership. While that’s great, here’s another thing that’ll make you feel excited. They also offer a full detailing service. Even if you drive an older model, it’ll look and smell new after it’s detailed.

First, only professionals with experience and extensive training perform this service. Second, they use special tools and equipment, as well as safe products, to eliminate dirt, debris, and grime inside and outside. You’ll drive away in an immaculately clean vehicle.


Below are examples of the tasks completed on a car’s exterior as part of the full detailing service.

Washing and Waxing

When working on the exterior, the technician will take precautions to prevent damage to your car. That entails using a safe cleaning product and wearing a soft mitt to scrub the outside. After all, the goal is to improve the exterior’s appearance instead of causing something bad to the paint.

When it comes time to wax your vehicle, they’ll use a quality product. For one thing, it’ll enhance the paint color and make it shine. For another, it’ll contain clear coat elements that serve as a barrier between the paint and dirt.

Chassis and Wheels

Your car won’t look gorgeous unless the detailing service includes the chassis and wheels. At this dealership, the expert will clean the undercarriage and chassis. However, they’ll first use a plastic protectant on the splash guards and inner liners on the fenders. That’ll enhance their appearance and prevent them from cracking or corroding.

With that done, they’ll thoroughly clean the chassis and wheels. Also, they’ll pay special attention to the wheel wells and any prominent suspension components. For instance, that includes control arms and anti-roll bars.

The detailing service at this dealership also addresses the outside trim, headlights, and taillights. Using a polishing compound on the front and rear lights will not just remove oxidation but seal them. They’ll also clean and seal the trim and exhaust pipes so they won’t fade or crack.


Here are some of the things they’ll focus on inside your vehicle.

For the interior of your car, the expert will vacuum and shampoo the carpeting and upholstered seats. If you have leather seats, they’ll use one or more quality products to clean, condition, and seal them. In addition, they’ll clean and dress anything in the cabin made of plastic or vinyl to prevent premature cracks.

Unlike some detailing services, the professionals at this dealership even clean the trunk. Inside, they’ll ensure every nook and surface area is sparkling clean. When finished, your vehicle will smell incredible and look like it belongs on the showroom floor.

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Perfection at Its Finest

Don’t buy a car at one place, then go to another to have it serviced or detailed. Instead, contact Hendrick Honda Bradenton in Bradenton, Florida, since it provides all three services.

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