Explore Florida’s Sweetest Attraction, Mixon Fruit Farms

Oranges on trees in grove

Florida’s warm, sub-tropical climate and generous rainfall offer the perfect environment for growing sweet citrus fruit, and a farm here in Bradenton provides an up-close look at how delicious fruits go from sunny groves to dinner tables. Plan your visit to Mixon Fruit Farms this summer!

Tour the Farm

There’s a lot of ground to cover on the farm, so Mixon offers a convenient tram tour to guide you through the groves. You’ll see the groves and learn all about the process of growing tasty fruit like the famous Florida oranges, and you’ll also see other farm attractions like the maze, play place, and wildlife recue. Given the seasonality of farming, your experience might also be different from one visit to the next. If you arrive in the early spring, you might notice the unmistakable aroma of orange blossoms in the air; and if you show up later in the year, you could see the fruit turning from green to their vibrant ripe shades.

The Wild Side

The Mixon family has opened up a portion of the farmland to Wildlife Inc., who utilizes the space as a wildlife care and education center. The wildlife refuge is now home to animals, reptiles, and birds who need a safe place for rehabilitation and recovery, and it also allows a unique look at some amazing native species. While you’re there, you’ll be able to learn about these fascinating creatures from on-site experts.

Plan Your Visit

The farm’s summer season runs from May to October, but keep in mind that within that time frame, the farm closes between August 29 and September 20. Hours for the market, café, gift shop, tram, and office vary. You’ll find Mixon Fruit Farms located at 2525 27th Street E, Bradenton, Florida 34208

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