What To Expect From The 2023 Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic
Honda Civic fans have been waiting for the release of the new 2023 Honda Civic Type R. The Type R shares many of the same design points with the Civic and Civic Si. But there are some distinct differences you’ll love. The Type R is bolder and bigger and will... [read more]

Best Tips To Protect Yourself From The Sun While At The Beach

woman in hat applying sunscreen
For many, long days spent at the beach are a highlight of the summer months. But too much exposure to harmful rays can quickly turn a day of fun in the sun into a night of painful misery, not to mention the potential long-term effects. Here are a few ways... [read more]

How To Maintain Your House During Hot Humid Florida Summers

burning up hot in the house
A Florida summer is officially here when the mercury rises and the humidity becomes oppressive. For many of us, that means cranking up the air conditioning and hunkering down indoors until fall comes. But did you know there are ways to stay comfortable without spending a fortune on energy bills?... [read more]

Tips To Keep Your Honda From Overheating During The Summer

Woman driver being hot during heat wave in car, suffering from hot weather wipes sweat from forehead
There’s something that can happen even to good drivers and can creep up on you unawares. It’s also potentially dangerous and can cause severe damage. It’s an overheated car and something you want to avoid. If you’ve ever experienced an overheated car before, then you know it can range from... [read more]

Learn More About History At Bishop Museum Of Science And Nature

looking at a science exhibit
If you’re looking for something fun to do this summer, the Bishop Museum of Science and Nature is a great place to visit and learn! As Florida’s largest natural history museum, they interpret the region from the Pleistocene to today and highlight fossils of Florida’s earliest animals, Montague Tallant collection... [read more]

Explore Florida’s Sweetest Attraction, Mixon Fruit Farms

Oranges on trees in grove
Florida’s warm, sub-tropical climate and generous rainfall offer the perfect environment for growing sweet citrus fruit, and a farm here in Bradenton provides an up-close look at how delicious fruits go from sunny groves to dinner tables. Plan your visit to Mixon Fruit Farms this summer! Tour the Farm There’s a lot... [read more]

What We Know About The 2023 Honda Accord

Red 2020 Honda Accord driving down a rainy street at night
Hendrick Honda Bradenton is home to an array of vehicles that suit a bevy of lifestyle needs and budgets. Soon, we will be home to the redesigned 2023 Honda Accord. This class-leading four-door sedan undergoes the knife this year as Honda looks to refresh the already dynamic Accord. Though, handsome... [read more]

Summer Fun On A Budget In Bradenton

Little girl playing in waterfall in waterpark swimming pool
Summer is almost here and your kids will be out of school soon. Luckily, we live in an area that is filled to the brim with fun summer activities. You can stay right here in town and explore Bradenton with this list of fun, inexpensive activities to do with your... [read more]

Play In The Trees At TreeUmph! Adventure Course

Rope park in a forest
Looking for something crazy adventurous to do this summer? While the pool is fun for soaking up the summer heat, so are ten football fields for climbing, swinging, and adventure games with TreeUmph Adventure Course. If you’ve always wanted to feel like you're flying through trees in the forest, like... [read more]

When Should You Replace Your Car Battery?

Your car's battery will eventually die. You cannot be sure when, but it will eventually happen. Your car's battery's life span is determined by several factors, including time, heat, and vibration. To get a better understanding of these three factors, let's dive a little deeper. Time Your car's battery will gradually deteriorate... [read more]