Why It Is Important To Rotate Your Tires

Tire changing at car service

Taking care of your tires is an important aspect of owning a vehicle. While there are numerous ways to care for tires, rotating them is one of the most important. Let’s go over some reasons that you should stick to a tire rotation schedule. Then, take your car to a local service center so the staff can handle this task for you.

Ensure an Even Wear Pattern

Tires on the front and the back of your car develop different wear patterns. However, rotating your tires allows the tread to wear evenly. This is incredibly important since an uneven wear pattern can impact your car’s performance. You could notice problems with handling, traction, and fuel efficiency if the tires wear unevenly, so make sure to rotate them as needed.

Extend the Life of Your Tires

Tires aren’t cheap, so you want them to last as long as possible. That’s another reason that rotating your tires is essential. With a proper rotating schedule, your tires can last 6–10 years. However, if you don’t rotate them, the uneven wear patterns will hurt the tread to the point that you’ll have to replace the tires. Thus, rotating your tires is beneficial to your bank account.

Stay Safe By Rotating Your Tires

Modern vehicles are loaded with safety features to help you get to your destination. However, you’ll still have issues staying safe if you fail to rotate your tires. Tires with uneven wear patterns have difficulty gripping the road. That means you could lose control on a turn. It’s even more dangerous if the roads are wet. The lack of traction could end up causing an accident.

This issue goes beyond handling, though. Tires with uneven wear patterns are also more susceptible to blowouts. If you’ve ever driven a car when the tire blew out, you know how scary and dangerous that can be. That’s a great reason to rotate your tires based on your manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Maintain the Warranty

Have you read the warranty for your tires? There’s a good chance that there’s a clause in it that says if you don’t rotate your tires as recommended, you’ll void the warranty. Thus, if you have a blowout on a tire that you haven’t rotated, the manufacturer won’t pay for the replacement. When you consider the cost of new tires, you don’t want to risk voiding your warranty.

Rotating your tires is probably a bigger job than you can handle at home. Fortunately, you can bring your vehicle to Hendrick Honda Bradenton in Bradenton, Florida. First, schedule a service online and then drop your car off at the dealership.

What if your car is to the point that rotating the tires is the least of your worries? If you need lots of repairs or are just ready for an upgrade, we can help with that, too. You can browse our offerings, value your trade, and apply for financing online, or just head over to see us in person.

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