Honda Commercials Feature Your Favorite Childhood Toys

We are celebrating Happy Honda Days with these new ads featuring Stretch Armstrong, Gumby, Jem and The Holograms, Little People, Magic 8-Ball, Skeletor, Strawberry Shortcake™ and G.I. Joe. You probably remember some of these toys from your own childhood and now they are being used to feature our biggest sales event... [read more]

The Restyled 2015 Honda CR-V Is Here

2015 Honda CR-V bradenton
Some elements of the 2015 Honda CR-V have remained the same from previous model years, but there are also some new elements and additions that up the ante when it comes to style. Historic Honda SUV Gets an Upgrade This Honda SUV has been the best-selling entry-SUV for many years, and keeping... [read more]

What Is Honda Sensing, and How Can It Help You?

Honda Sensing is an important set of new safety features. It’s made up of five key elements that work with a driver to help them stay safe and maintain control of their vehicle at all times. Enjoy the Latest Safety Technology in a New Honda Each of the items included as part... [read more]

2015 Honda Accord: Now in Bradenton

The Honda Accord has made many changes over the past few years and the 2015 Honda Accord has made even more changes. The 2015 Honda Accord has made changes for more satisfaction, money saving opportunities, and comfort. This car is available for those who like elegant design, comfort, advanced technology,... [read more]

These Hondas Have the Best Safety Ratings

To ensure the safety of you and your family, knowing the best Honda safety ratings will help your decision process. The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) rated the top safest vehicles for the 2014 year. Keep reading for more information on the Hondas that made the list for best... [read more]

2015 Honda Accord: Explaining the Trim Levels

Overview Honda Accord trim levels are able to offer each customer with a vehicle that will satisfy their specific personal requirements. Each model has been designed with a specific goal in mind, whether that be advanced aerodynamic ability, extensive tech advancements, comfort, etc. Each goal has been reached. Keep reading to... [read more]

2016 Honda HR-V: Coming Soon to Bradenton

honda hr-v florida
Honda is giving Bradenton drivers even more reason to get excited with the introduction of an all-new crossover to their winning lineup, the Honda HR-V. If you need the cargo space and passenger room that you get from a SUV without the full, family-sized footprint, the Honda HR-V may be... [read more]

2015 Honda Accord 4 Cylinder vs. 6 Cylinder

Overview The 2015 Accord is a car that will offer you speed as well as fuel saving performance. This car gives a sporty feel when you are driving it to your destination. The 2015 Accord receives applause when you look at its CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) clarifying performance level. You will... [read more]